1. A red colour filter for night mode on iPhone

    Using red light at night preserves your eyes’ adaptation to the dark. Use a red colour filter to put your iPhone and all apps into a red night mode, to let you use your phone and preserve your night vision.

  2. Backing up photos

    I don’t like to delete things, especially not photos. I also shoot in RAW and JPG; I keep the JPG files for quick sharing to my phone, social network posts, etc. Holding down the shutter can very quickly create gigabytes of photos. How do I backup gigabytes of photos safely?



  1. Autumn colours
  2. Autumn light
  3. Two trees
  4. Black and white rhino
  5. On the road
  6. Delicate eater
  7. Not a collar
  8. Kudu in mist
  9. Lion in the grass
  10. Landscape with a lion cub
  11. Tembe Elephant
  12. Tender moment
  13. Starry arch
  14. West Beach Sunset
  15. Sleepwalking
  16. West Beach, North Island
  17. Playing with the stars
  18. Centre of our galaxy
  19. Twilight Sands
  20. Marloes Sands
  21. Rusty pier
  22. Azaleas
  23. Grey wagtail
  24. Blackbrook woods
  25. Tree in Bluebells
  26. Bluebell Bloom
  27. Portrait of a pheasant
  28. Iguana
  29. Resplendent Quetzal
  30. Doppelganger
  31. Little blue
  32. Seven Sisters